About Kazmere

An author committed to empowerment! 

Kazmere is an Empowerment Advocate and Personal Development Author. 
Her passion for becoming an author stemmed from her desire to ensure people feel empowered and loved so that they can thrive in life! 


Have you ever questioned moving forward with a project because you weren't confident in what the results may bring? That's why empowerment is essential!


Empowerment builds confidence and allows people to trust the process. The truth is that some may have a support team that empowers them, but it doesn't resonate with them like reading does.


She is an author committed to making content that will inspire and empower readers!  Her diverse career background speaks to how she is people-driven. She has worked as a Youth and Family Counselor, Community Organizer, Mediator, Human Trafficking Advocate, GOTV Phone Banker, Canvasser, and a member of the Missionary Auxiliary of her church. 


Kazmere has an AA in Communications, a BS in Human Services, and an MA in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding.